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Your Premiere Window Replacement
and Vinyl Siding Experts

Looking to replace your windows or vinyl siding for your new or existing home? Airtight windows and Siding is the premier window replacement company located in Santa Cruz.

Get professionally installed replacement windows
that are energy efficient, come in a variety of styles,
and will add resale value to your house.

We sell and install a variety of quality window styles and sizes, insulated windows, premium vinyl siding and doors for retrofit or new home construction. With Airtight having over 20 years experience in Santa Cruz county, we make sure that your windows, siding and doors are installed and work perfectly for years to come.

We are an Energy Star partner, check out what qualifies for an energy efficient window.

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Why choose Airtight Windows and Siding?  

  • 70%  of our business comes through referrals/return customers
  • We are a family owned business
  • We are people friendly. Our prices are straightforward and don’t change throughout the project.
  • We offer customers quality products and service for years to come
  • We sell the windows, install them, and service them
  • We have been in business since 1992
  • We have serviced over 7000 customers in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties
  • Homeowners only have to deal with one company for their Windows and Siding needs

Why would someone go to Airtight as opposed to contacting a contractor?

Airtight takes care of everything from ordering products to installation to repairs.
We are a community-oriented family owned local company that sponsors local youth programs.